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Pediatric Chiropractic in Thunder Bay

Adjusting baby on tableAs a father of three, Dr. DiGiuseppe has adjusted his children since birth, and has seen the benefits of chiropractic care. Birth is the first and most traumatic event we face, with about 90% of children experiencing some type of issue. The most common issues in newborns tend to be neck, pelvic, or hip injuries, and digestive issues like colic.

At Port Arthur Chiropractic Centre, we encourage mothers to bring in their newborns to be assessed soon after birth, and continue throughout the various stepping stones of their development—sitting up, standing, crawling, walking, and more. Falls or accidents are other things that should be assessed to ensure your child grows and thrives as they are designed to do.

Coming to the Office

To save time, our front desk staff will recommend completing our paperwork online before your visit. When you meet with our doctor, your child will have a full spine exam and also look at any other areas of interest. In most cases, the child will receive an adjustment today.

We don’t adjust children the same as adults, using lighter adjusting techniques, instrument adjusting with the Activator® tool, or mobilizing techniques. Dr. DiGiuseppe talks directly to the child, to put them at ease. Our chiropractor also builds a rapport with parents, which may also be helpful in settling down a nervous child. While your child is on the table, Dr. DiGiuseppe will talk to them and the parent, which is also calming.

Child's feet upProviding Thorough Explanations

Dr. DiGiuseppe gives such a thorough explanation of what to expect that parents often do not have any questions! He finds showing parents the changes in their children’s posture, leg lengths and ranges of motion pre and post care are very helpful to highlight how chiropractic care can improve functional issues.

That’s so much more powerful than anything we could possibly say to them. The next step is to let the parent know that the adjustment might hold for a day, a week, or even longer. But bring them back in X number of days to recheck it, and we’ll see how to proceed from there. The solution depends on age and the severity of the condition.

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