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Our office recommends and offers two types of pillows. Read the article below for more information.

  • Chiroflow Professional Premium Waterbased pillow
  • Bamboo Collection – queen (memory foam filling)

Two things to remember about sleeping posture are that the spine should maintain it’s natural curves and that alternating positions throughout the night is healthy and beneficial.

The best positions are either sleeping on your side or your back. Although sleeping on your stomach is common for many, it is rarely, if ever a good idea as it puts pressure in all the wrong places.When you are side sleeping, I recommend using three pillows: one under head/neck, a thin pillow between the legs from knees to ankles and a third plush pillow to hug. The pillow for your head needs to be thick enough to support the space from shoulder to neck. Sleeping with your arm under your head is a sure fire way of causing a kink and irritation to the neck joints and nerves. A pillow between your legs will help to keep your hips and pelvis in line and restrict the natural tendency to roll on your stomach. Hugging a plush pillow is an excellent way to align both shoulders as well as also restricting the stomach position. Sleeping with these three pillows may take some time to get used to but in time you will be able to switch from right to left sides with little difficulty.

If you sleep on your back you will need to use two pillows. Firstly, you need a much thinner pillow under your head/neck than what you would use in the side position. People often make the mistake of having too large of a pillow which then forces the head into flexion causing neck strain. Secondly, you will need a pillow under your knees so that your legs have a slight bend to them. This will ease the tension on the sciatic nerves running down your legs and minimize pressure on your lower back.

So I just explained that you should alternate sleeping on your sides and on your back throughout the night while at the same time using different sized pillows under your head. You may be asking: how are you supposed to do that? The solution is to have a pillow that will do both. There are literally dozens of different pillows on the market. For a while the foam contoured pillows seemed to be the best option. However, most of the contour pillows are only good for one sleeping position. There are two types of pillows that I recommend. One is a water based pillow. It has a water bladder that can be filled to any level to accommodate any sized person. The beauty of this pillow style is that it will never wear out and the water will swoosh around to support any sleeping position. The second style is a down pillow. It has the ability to be punched and molded into whatever position is needed and it lasts a very long time. In fact, older pillows are better. However, some people may be allergic to down. In that case I would recommend a newer product; a bamboo pillow. Bamboo pillows have an outer bamboo fiber shell with inner memory foam. It is an excellent product which over time very much mimics all the good properties of a down pillow.

Whatever pillow you choose, the most important thing to remember is proper sleeping positions and how to best achieve them. This will help you to have deeper and more restful sleeps which are essential for optimal health.