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Pillows in Thunder Bay

Sleeping well is an essential component to being healthy. Having proper neck support will significantly improve your sleep experience. Alternating positions throughout your sleep between side and back positions is recommended. In our experience, there are two types of pillows that consistently give a person great neck support regardless of what position they sleep. We recommend either a water based pillow or a bamboo pillow with memory foam stuffing. The water-based pillow has a water bladder inside that can be custom filled to the desired amount. Water will swoosh around your head and support your neck. The bamboo pillow has a hypo-allergic bamboo covering with particles of memory foam inside. It very much mimics a down or feather pillow. This pillow needs to be unrolled from its packaging and requires some punching and molding to fluff it up but once you lay your head on it, it will also support your neck in any position you sleep.

Both pillows are of high quality and will last years.

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