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"Don't Slouch!" Save Yourself from Neck Pain, Tech Neck, and Vertigo with Postural Awareness

woman sitting at computer with low back pain and neck pain

The consequences of bad posture are…well, bad.

Discomfort is only the beginning of the issues that can surface as a result of poor posture.

The worst part? Many people with tech neck and other postural problems are unaware of it.

Port Arthur Chiropractic Centre would like to increase your awareness of your posture and give you simple steps to improve it.

Our Unique Perspective as Chiropractors

Chiropractors are uniquely qualified to recognize how poor posture is connected to a variety of issues like vertigo and tech neck. They can also bring awareness to viable solutions.

As experts of the nervous system and recognizing signs of nerve interference and tension, chiropractors can see the interplay of symptoms and solve the underlying problems. Many symptoms have a common origin in poor posture and a phenomenon known as tech neck.

Is the Tech Neck Phenomenon Affecting You or Your Child?

For years, parents have told their children, “Straighten up, you’re slouching!”

Slouching in kids and teens has exponentially increased in recent years, thanks to the explosion of smartphone usage and screen time.

Thunder Bay chiropractor Dr. James DiGiuseppe sees many youths with terrible posture. Without correction and care, early degeneration and permanent damage can set in before these kids reach age 18.

Helping You Recognize and Combat Tech Neck

Tech neck is an extreme form of anterior head carriage, which just means that your 10-12 pound head is not balanced evenly on top of your shoulders. You’re leaning forward or backward, causing unnecessary and increased weight or pressure on certain neck and back muscles, leading to rolled shoulders, an uneven sitting position, and more.

At Port Arthur Chiropractic Centre, we think the key to correction is creating postural self-awareness. We have techniques we use to help people realize what the proper postural position feels like and how to avoid bad posture habits.

Reversing the Result of Bad Posture: Healing Vertigo

Vertigo is a common side effect of compromising the nerves in your neck or upper back because of bad posture.

Along with postural awareness, we can provide a variety of solutions for vertigo, including spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapies, as well as acupuncture. Chiropractors also have expertise on various maneuvers that help clear ear canals and can relieve symptoms, of benign positional vertigo.

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