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Should you or shouldn’t you take supplements? Which are the best ones? How do I know what I am getting? These are all very good questions and ones that should be answered before you start taking anything.

Although supplements are generally considerably less prone to side effects than synthetic drugs, there is still chance of causing yourself harm  if dosages are too high or if you are also taking medications. At times some supplements might either interfere or enhance the effects of some medications. If you are taking any medication it is always a smart idea to discuss supplementation with your pharmacist or doctor first.

Also, because supplements are not as stringently regulated as synthetic drugs, you don’t want to be wasting your money by purchasing supplements that may not actually have what they say they have, in them. For this reason, our office has spent the time and effort to research some of the best supplementation products on the market and we feel very confident in recommending products from Adeeva by Dr. James Meschino. Dr. Meschino is a chiropractor, naturopath and has a masters in nutrition. He has designed and produced over two dozen supplementation products for a wide variety of health conditions.

In our office we keep a continuous supply of three of the Adeeva products. All-in-One Multi-Vitamin, Nature’s Essential Oils and Glucosamine Joint Formula. However, we are able to very easily order any of the other products.

As a chiropractic office, our approach to supplementation is in line with our philosophy on health and healthy lifestyle. We generally recommend certain supplements to enhance overall health or help prevent poor health rather than taking high doses of only one or two vitamins to reduce symptoms. We also recommend taking some form of essential oils or omega fatty acids, either through supplementation or food because we understand that it helps to reduce inflammation in the body as a whole rather than for just one specific symptom.

If you are interested in further information on Adeeva health products please contact our office or access Adeeva directly through the following link.