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Wellness Requires You to Fly at Higher Altitudes

Woman with arms out at beachDid you know that an airplane utilizes a significant portion of its fuel, around twenty-five to thirty percent, just to take off and reach its cruising altitude? Once the plane reaches higher altitudes, it requires much less fuel per kilometer and can travel for hundreds of kilometers. This phenomenon is attributed to two primary factors: decreased drag and increased engine efficiency at higher altitudes. By drawing parallels to this aviation analogy, we can gain insights into achieving better health.

The Initial Effort: Building Momentum

Just like an airplane, reaching a higher state of health requires a substantial amount of physical and mental effort, time, energy, and sometimes financial investment. Whether through self-help strategies like exercise, dietary improvements, or meditation, or by seeking regular care from health professionals, the initial push sets the momentum for progress. Consistency is key – engaging in healthy activities multiple times per week, if not daily, allows your body to build on the momentum of healing and reach a cruising altitude of improved health.

Maintaining Altitude: Balanced Progression

Once you’ve reached a higher level of health, it’s important to strike a balance. Just as an airplane would lose altitude if the speed is reduced too much, easing up too drastically on your efforts can lead to setbacks. Continuing to nurture and maintain the progress you’ve made is crucial. Similar to how an airplane engine operates more efficiently at higher altitudes, your body functions optimally when you achieve a higher level of health. For example, shedding excess body weight reduces stress on your cardiovascular system, joints, and improves oxygen flow to the brain. Similarly, getting adequate sleep boosts focus, productivity, and accuracy in both mental and physical tasks.

Avoiding the “Touch and Go” Approach

In aviation, “touch and go” refers to the practice of pilots repeatedly taking off and landing without coming to a complete stop. Regrettably, many individuals adopt a similar approach to their healthcare journey, starting and stopping care without fully capitalizing on building momentum towards better health. They expend significant energy circling back to the starting point repeatedly, missing out on the opportunity to reach a higher altitude of wellness.

Embrace the Journey: A Lifestyle of Health

If you aspire to live well and attain a higher altitude of health, it’s essential to create a plan and seek advice from health professionals who specialize in wellness. Stay committed and consistent on your path, for true health is not an event but a lifestyle. By embracing this mindset, you can soar to new heights and experience the benefits of sustained well-being.

Just as an airplane requires initial effort to take off and reach its cruising altitude, achieving better health demands dedication, time, and energy. By maintaining momentum, balancing efforts, and avoiding a start-stop approach, you can reach a higher altitude of health. Make a plan, seek professional guidance, and commit to a lifestyle that prioritizes wellness. Remember, the journey to better health is ongoing – it’s not merely an event but a lifelong commitment to living well.


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